Two Strand Flat & Twists

At O'Naturale our two strand twists are adapted to fit the professional woman or man and jazzy enough to take you out for that special evening. We also custom styles for the children. We use precise parting and different sizes for our flat twist styles to give that extra intricate detail.
We find that some people tend to stray away from individual two strand twist styles because of seeing a lot of scalp. At O'Naturale, we do not do parting for individual two strand twist. This allows for there not to be spacing in the scalp. 
After sectioning the hair, the hair is divided into two equal parts and then either just twisted or for a tighter elongated twist, rolled and twisted simutaneously. 
Natural hair is like a thumb print, the look will vary. Some will shrink, while others will be elongated. Some will have depth while others will be thin.
Embrace your naturality.
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