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Wear Your Hair "O'Naturale"

Style your hair to look just right with the many natural hair care and styling methods that we provide at O'Naturale in Gambrills,Maryland. Natural hair is a wonderful hairstyle that gives you a wide variety of fashionable options. Let us style your hair any way you like at our natural hair salon.
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be kind to your hair
Don't you feel blessed? The coils of your hair allow you to form a wide array of hair shapes that you couldn't otherwise have. One popular look is locs, which are coils of hair that many people's hair naturally forms. Don't avoid what nature does for you. Use it to style your hair into locks of different shapes and numbers, especially in combination with other styles.
Custom Weaves
Our custom weaves are guaranteed to please you and the eyes around you. For people with African ancestry, natural hair weaves are very easy to do because of the gift of curls. By arranging the curls in bunches and tightly weaving them together, you can have a terrific look that holds fast and lasts for a long time.
Many Styles
"Natural" black hair is incredibly versatile and offers a wide range of styling options like custom hair weaves and locs. Explore the possibilities with one or more of the following beautiful styles for your hair.
  • Cornrows
  • Coils
  • Two-Strand 
  • Twist 
  •  Flexi-Sets
  •   Press-N-Curl
  •   Hair Weave
Mix and Match
Because of the versatility of "natural" black hair, you can combine different styles to create a totally unique look. Short hair isn't very versatile, but the longer your hair grows, the more options you'll have. Take advantage of your natural gifts and make a one-of-a-kind hairstyle. Contact us today to see the many styles that we have to offer for you to keep your hair natural.

About Us

Since 1998, we have specialized in natural hairstyling for people with African ancestry, helping many people come to appreciate the unique qualities of these hairstyles. We are very professional and make quality service our number-one goal. To better serve you, we are very flexible with scheduling.
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