Locs! Locs! Loc! They are so versatile. At O'Naturale Natural Hair Salon we take pride in our locs. Before we start any locs, we sit with you to understand what your long term goals are and the desire that you have for your locs. 

All of our locs are custom designed with patterns to fit your personal goals and desires. We use a various sort of pattern options and sizes. Every size loc is not for everyone.

We take pride in not using any gel products to maintain or start our locs. Gel hardens the locs, dries them out, makes them brittle and also adds build up. We also do not use beeswax. With Beeswax, everything in the atmosphere around you clings to it. Then you find yourself walking around with a head full of any and everything. This is why we use a product called Loc Set Serum by Barry Fletcher. This product instantly oils the scalp, shines the locs, and provides a hold. We also add color to locs and natural hair in general.

As a regular regimen we recommend using Sea Breeze to keep the scalp clean and fresh on a weekly basis. We also highly recommend using the Barry Fletcher Instant Moisture Spray on a daily basis. This product adds a refreshing, energizing mint aroma; it keeps your locs moisturized and adds essential oils to your locs.

At O'Naturale we only use Chi color. This color is a non ammonia and non peroxide color. Chi color provides moisture to your natural hair and locs.
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Locs! Locs! Locs!
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Locs! Locs! Locs!
These are not dreads; nor are they dread locks. These are
If you look, not even close, you will notice that his locs are kept. His locs do not contain a lot of the frizz and excess hair that comes with dreads. Each time his locs are maintained the original parting is ensured to be intact
These locs were created for the career woman and the woman with flair. When starting locs a pattern is always chosen along with the desired size of the loc. Patterns are critical. It determines what you will be able to and not to do. It determines the neatness of your locs. It sets your locs apart from dreads. It allows you to have intricate and detailed styles. You will always be able to see your original parting (pattern) when you have your locs started at O'Naturale Natural Hair Salon.
We are even able to go in and create a pattern for clients who have not kept up with regular maintenance or never had a pattern created initially. 
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