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La'Sonia Nicole

La'Sonia Nicole
Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Entrepreneur and More...
Hi! I'm La'Sonia Nicole. I've been called Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Entrepreneur, Hair Liberator, Personal Motivator, Hair Stylist Extraordinaire and so much more! I'd love for you to know me better and share my love of natural hair styling!

Let's be real: We all have ups and downs in life and it's through those times that we define who we are and the footprint we are destined to create. Through my biggest obstacles, my faith and my dreams have been tested time and again but my perseverance won out and shaped who I am today.
I introduce myself to you as a strong, dedicated and faithful woman who wants to transform today’s woman, man, and child by instilling them with the knowledge and confidence of their own NATURAL beauty.
I'll be your friend, educator and stylist...
Your hair stylist shouldn’t be a stranger, right? I become your friend, educator, stylist, counselor and so much more to you... So why should you empower me to make you feel beautiful? Because I desire to know You! 

I let the real You shine through....when you go natural, I create a healthy style that is defined by the perfect You. I've been around a while and opened so many new chapters in my own book of life. 

I have personal and career experiences that have challenged me to do and be better. I follow that philosophy when I share my God given talent with you and do amazing things with your own natural tresses.
I've Honed My Craft Under World Renowned Hair Stylist Barry Fletcher...
My personal journey as a natural hair stylist began well before my quest to open my own salon in 2009-2010. Having never had a perm or relaxer myself, it feels like I've spent my whole life creating and maintaining natural do's. 

In my early years I learned the techniques of braiding with extensions and weaving hair along with pressing and cornrowing from other stylists and spent many a hours practicing on friends and family. 

I loved and mastered these styles but they never really connected with my own identity. I really came into my own years later in 1998 when women, men and children transitioned back to their roots and started going all-natural. 

I was fortunate to hone my craft under world renowned hair stylist, Barry Fletcher, whose guidance and lessons helped put my name on the map as one of the top natural hair stylists in the region!
Come Enjoy the "Natural Hair" Haven Salon in Elkridge Maryland...
While I originally thought my path would lead me to open my own in-home business, O'Naturale Natural Hair Salon, I knew to get my craft to the masses I had to pursue my dream and open my own salon. 

That period of time challenged me time and again but I jumped in with two feet and either had to sink or swim and boy did I learn some lessons! If there was an obstacle to overcome, I overcame it to get to where I am today! I spent about five years having doors close and new ones open, challenges in my own personal life with my family, time constraints, zoning and branding issues...

...and being told "No" or "You can't do that" so many times that my faith was put to the test. But, I never gave up on my dreams. And guess what? My dreams become a reality this past year when I opened my own fabulous salon, The "natural hair" Haven Salon and Spa, LLC in Elkridge, Maryland where our vision is to be the forefront oasis for natural hair care through client education, product development, stylist edification, and therefore industry advancement.
If there are a few lessons I've learned along the way that I can share with you its:
  • Life is not handed to you. Take whatcha got and make the most of it!
  • Dont give up on your dreams. Be persistent and stay focused. 
  • You CAN overcome challenges and obstacles with Dedication, Commitment and Motivation. Yes, this even applies to your Natural Hairstyle!
  • And, Be Real and Have Faith in God!
I want you to know that when you partner with La'Sonia Nicole that you know:
  • I see YOU and will always promote the "Natural" You through healthy hair and the growth of your natural hair
  • I will listen to you and I will put my work ethic, skills and dedication towards my craft into every chance meeting we have and every service I perform
  • I understand "Life" and I want to motivate you to be your "Best You" so that you too can conquer obstacles, be successful and fulfill Your Dreams!
La'Sonia Nicole
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